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We carry a wide variety of the highest quality diamond blades from turbo blades to electroplated blades for cutting granite, engineered stone, marble. Our premium diamond blade fits on most angle grinders, and meets or exceeds all of the needs for various cutting applications in stone, tile and engineered stone.

Turbo Blade Wave Turbo Blade
Super Dry Scud Cutter Turbo Rim Cutter
Super Dry Scud Cutter Dry Turbo Rim Cutter
Self Flanged Turbo Blade Contour Blade
Self Flanged Turbo Blade Contour Blade Semi Economic
Contour Blade Turbo Contour Blade Thin Fast Turbo
Contour Blade Turbo Type Contour Blade Thin Fast Turbo Type
Engineered Stone Cutter Mesh Turbo Blade
Engineered Stone Cutter
Electroplated Blade ~ V Slot Electroplated Blade ~ Key Slot
Electroplated Marble Blade V Slot Type Electroplated Marble Blade Key Slot Type
Electroplated Vanity Blade Electroplated Convex Blade
Electroplated Vanity Blade Electroplated Contour Blade

Proudly made in Korea


RM Tech Korea (StoneTools Korea)
33rd Fl., Trade Tower, World Trade Center, Samsung, Gangnam, Seoul, 135-729, Korea
Factory: 105, Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Republic of)
T: +82-70-7716-5181 / F: +82-2-2296-6613 / email: sales@stonetools.co.kr

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