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Rim Cup Wheel

Diamond Continuous Rim Grinding Cup Wheel

For Granite & Marble

These Diamond Continuous Rim Grinding Cup Wheels are made of high quality diamond segments for granite, marble, or concrete; we are tailored manufacturing them either for granite, marble or concrete for the best performance upon request. Ideal for smooth, continuous rim for a clean, chip-free grinding of granite and marble edges.

* Grits:
40/50 Coarse
50/60 Medium
60/80 Fine
Extra grits are available upon request for volume purchase; Aggressive / Coarse / Medium / Fine / Super Fine
* Available in variety of adapter sizes: 5/8"-11 Thread, 7/8"-5/8", M14 Thread
* Subjects to change to improve quality without prior notice
* FOB Price : Inquiry at sales@stonetools.co.kr
* M.O.Q : N/A
* Supply Ability : Within 15 ~ 21 days according to quantity
* Payment Terms : Advanced by Bank Wire Transfer

Proudly made in Korea


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Factory: 105, Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Republic of)
T: +82-70-7716-5181 / F: +82-2-2296-6613 / email: sales@stonetools.co.kr

Jason Lee in Seoul, KR on Houzz


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